From Smart Phones To Smart Cities

It was not all that long ago that you had to be connected to a wall in order to make a call. Fast forward to today, and most of us carry around more technology in our pocket than the first mission to the moon had.

In the next step of the “smart” revolution, AT&T believe fully integrated smart cities will be the next step.

AT&T CEO Glenn Laurie stated in an interview “we believe this is big scale” and they expect “real-time data on every aspect of the city.”

Its not just AT&T either, the likes of technology giants Cisco, Qualcomm, IBM, Intel and GE (just to name a few) are all on board and partnering with AT&T to develop the smart city.

AT&T believes that a smart city allows better management, from street lights, to water usage, real-time alerts and data can keep a better pulse on the city. 


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