"Superman" The Next Generation of Memory?

If you have an Iphone, you have between 16-128Gb of storage on your phone. More and more often people are running out of space, having to continually remove items, or push pictures and videos onto their computer. Why is this? The answer is simple, everything is getting bigger. Every picture you take, every song that you download is taking up more space than it did just a few years ago. 

While memory has increased over time, there is coming a point where new technology will need to push us to the next level. 

Scientists at the University of Southhampton have discovered a way to use lasers and nanostructures to record abundant amounts of data onto glass. The technology has been dubbed "Superman Memory Crystal". 

At this point, the scientists have been able to fit 360TB of data onto the discs. To put that into perspective, if you laptop has a 500GB harddrive, 360TB is 720 times more, essentially meaning you could fit 720 of your 500GB harddrives onto a single disc. 

This is the type of technology that will propel data storage into the next generation.  

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