The Charging Problem..Solved

When you know a problem exists, and you need backing, where do you go? One answer is Kickstarter, which is exactly where LMCable went when they realized they had the answer to one of our major technology frustrations, charging and too many cables. 

With so many devices in our homes and offices, we have created "cable sprawl". The battle between a lightning cable and micro USB is real. So real that companies are now releasing multi port USB charging stations, such as this Sabrent 10 port family charging station

To pair with these multi-port systems, LmCable is releasing the ultimate charging cable, a 2-in-1 Lightning and Micro USB Cable. 

According to LMCable

"LMcable is a simple yet perfect solution to break the barrier between lightning and micro USB. With LMcable, you can easily charge any device with no matter lightning port (iPhone) or micro USB port (Android). LMcable is the ONLY CHARGING CABLE YOU EVER NEED!"

And it look like the "people" are agreeing this is a great solution. Their Kickstarter campaign has raised over $71k (on a $3550 goal).

You can see the Kickstarter campaign but clicking here