The 959 Horsepower Mustang Espionage


In movie history, the Ford Mustang fastback has traditionally been the hero’s car—think BullittGone in 60 Seconds (both of them), even Need for Speed. The rationale makes sense. It’s a gorgeous design, a potent performer, heck who wouldn’t want the Mustang to win? 

This Ford Mustang however treads a fine line between hero and villain. It’s known as ‘Espionage’ and it’s the clandestine design of Wisconsin’s famed mod shop, the Ringbrothers.

Based on a ’65 Mustang fastback, the car made its big debut at the 2015 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, but according to brothers Jim and Mike Ring, it was no easy task to pull off. Each one of the Mustang’s sleek body panels are made entirely of carbon fiber, and all are far from mere copies of the original fastback, making it one of the Ringbrothers’ toughest builds ever.


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