The Waterproof and Iris Scan Equipped Samsung Note7

From Yahoo! Tech

Samsung helped launch the big-screen smartphone craze with its original Galaxy Note, and now the company is hoping to take the category to a new level with its new Galaxy Note 7.

Available for pre-order Aug. 3 and on sale Aug. 19, the Note 7 is essentially a mash-up of the best features of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and last year’s Galaxy Note 5.

If you’re wondering why the Note 7 — which is the follow-up to the Note 5 — isn’t called the Note 6, the simple answer is this: Samsung wanted to better match the Note’s naming convention with the S7. That’s it.

The same but different

Overall, the Note 7 doesn’t look all that different from the Note 5. Its aluminum body is narrower than the Note 5’s, but only by 0.1 inches. Still, that’s enough to make the phone more comfortable to hold than its predecessor. The Note 7’s curved front and back panels further improve grip. Samsung also managed to cut the Note 7’s weight from 6.03 ounces to 5.96 ounces, though chances are you probably won’t notice the difference.


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