Writing a review on TripAdvisor is very straightforward - you can sign in using your Facebook account, or you can easily
create a TripAdvisor account when you submit your review.
Either way, it is a simple & quick process...

  1. Click the green "Write a Review" button located bottom, right of the main image on Hotel Cheval's TripAdvisor page
  2. Fill in the "Write a Review" form, making sure to include:
    - your rating
    - a title for your review
    - the review
    - the type of trip
    - the date traveled
    - any additional information you wish to include (i.e., a photo or a  
       particular amenity you experienced)
  3. Certify that your review is based on a genuine travel experience by checking the box
  4. Click the green "Submit Your Review" button! Your review will be processed in a few business days.